İstanbullu gelin (Istanbul’s Bride) Episode 57

İstanbullu gelin (Istanbul’s Bride) Episode 57
This is 57th episode of İstanbullu gelin (Istanbul’s Bride). In the last episode; The big confrontation between Esma and Ülfet …

İstanbullu gelin (Istanbul’s Bride) came to the screen with the 56th episode of Star TV. Bride in Istanbul 55.son section; Boranes’ war with Istanbul begins. As the struggle for Esma Ülfet continues, Faruk’s head is in trouble again with Adam. The Adem Ülfet alliance will wreak havoc on their heads. Here, the wonder of İstanbullu gelin (Istanbul’s Bride) 57th episode trailer …

İstanbullu gelin (Istanbul's Bride) Episode 57
İstanbullu gelin (Istanbul’s Bride) Episode 57

Star TV’s beloved series İstanbullu gelin (Istanbul’s Bride) screened with section 56. Every week the Istanbuli bride locks the audience on the screen. He gives the Boran family’s Ulfeti Istanbul adventure which is located in the home of Ülfet. At every opportunity, Ulfet, who is ready to put Esma at the bottom of the floor, gives the trump card to Silk, which will cause trouble to the luxury of luxury this time. The other Boranes who continue their lives on the thorns will be tested with the discovery of Istanbul.

After searching Dilara under each stone, Adam finds him near Süreyya. In order to talk to Dilara, Sureyya is the only one who can and will be. Faruk, who learns of it, beats him with death threats. Ülfet, who tries to move his mind to the hin, gives the order to Adam. Faruk will return to his career by gaining confidence in a business meeting and the police encounters shock. So, followed by the Istanbulite bride followed by the last section, a highly anticipated visit of the bride in the 56th episode was published in Istanbul.
İstanbullu gelin (Istanbul’s Bride) Starring leading actors such as Ozcan Deniz, Asli Enver, Ipek Bilgin and Firat Tanis will be on Star TV screens on Friday, October 12 at 08 PM.

What happened in the last episode:

Faruk is taking the police station because of adam, Fikret and Faruk face, while the tension between Sureyya and Esma.

Dilara agrees to talk to him to stop Adam. This conversation will put both of them on an irrevocable path. Ülfet continues its attacks by not missing any opportunity, while Süreyya is there. Esma cannot keep his silence against Ülfet’s games. The confrontation between Esma and Ülfet will be the breaking point of Fikret.

İstanbullu gelin Episode 57
Summary: The serie will be updated on October 12nd. Thank You …..

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